Why Bookkeepers are valuable

By October 23, 2015Bookkeeping

The role of bookkeepers and accountants appears to be converging into similar territory with boundaries becoming blurred, as the industry adopts emerging technologies and increased automation occurs. Accountants are moving into the traditional bookkeeping space and bookkeepers are moving into the traditional accounting space. With the time-savings becoming more transparent, the traditional billing method based on ‘time’ becomes a model that is more difficult to justify to clients.

Some things will never change though. Accountants and bookkeepers provide specialist skills and services in servicing their clients, as well as being the trusted advisor to the small business owner. There are boundaries as to what type of advice can be given. Obviously, bookkeepers cannot provide advice on things that are specific to the accounting profession, such as tax law and the like. But, in many ways, the bookkeeper can provide guidance and much needed support to the small business owner based on a much closer relationship they nurture.


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