Starting a business?

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So you’ve got a fantastic business idea and now you want to get started? Or maybe you’ve seen a business you like and want to open a franchise?

However you’re getting started in business, you’ve probably got a list of questions you’d like answered. Let us help you find them!

Taking the first steps
A good first step is our Planning and Starting information. This topic covers everything you need to know about starting your business, from putting together a business plan to managing your ongoing legal obligations.

We’ve also put together a range of free planning tools and checklists to help you work through it all.

Download our Starting a business checklist, or our business planning template!

Decide on what type of business you’d like to run
If you haven’t decided on the type of business you want to run, here are a couple of options to consider:

Do business online
Starting a business online can offer you great flexibility. You may not need or want a shopfront, which saves you having to buy or lease a space, and your customers can come to your store whenever they like. They don’t even have to be local – your customers can be from all over the world!

Pick something that already works
A way to dive straight in is to buy an established business, buy a franchise or take over the family business if your family are already in business. By going down this road, you’ll be able to see how the business has been working previously and some of the steps you’d normally need to take when starting a business have been taken care of, such as registering a business name and obtaining the relevant licenses.

Other options to think about are starting as an independent contractor, running a home-based business, or running a business that imports or exports goods.

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