The secret life of bookkeepers…

If you own or run a small to medium size business you most likely work with a bookkeeper. If you don’t, you probably have a vision of one. They’re generally unheralded folk – and mostly quiet by nature. They go patiently about their job, not disturbing others, except occasionally for clarification about an expense or […]

The Art & Science of Cash-Flow Forecasting. Part 3

Date Becoming the New Age Bookkeeper – the Financial Advisor SMEs Need   According to the Onpay 2019 Small Business Finance and HR Report, small business owners who have the most faith in their bookkeepers and accountants are more likely to see a significant increase in revenue. 86% of small business owners agree their bookkeeper […]

The Art & Science of Cash-Flow Forecasting. Part 2

Date The Art & Science of Cash-Flow Forecasting. Part 2  • Cash forecasting is the process of identifying short, medium and long-term cash requirements to effectively manage cash risks and add value to the organisation or company.• While this sounds highly beneficial on the surface (and it is), there can be significant time and effort […]

The Art & Science of Cash-Flow Forecasting. Part 1

thinking design, creative solutions Date The Art & Science of Cash-Flow Forecasting. Part 1 For Busy Bookkeeping Eastern Suburbs one of milestones we strive for everyone of our clients is a regularly updated cash-flow forecast. No financial tool is more powerful in assisting business owners and managers  in understanding and maintaining the health of their […]

Busy Bookkeeping UK!

ANNOUNCEMENT As of the 1st of January 2018, we are proud to announce the beginning of Busy Bookkeeping UK. Located in Wallington, Surrey; Busy Bookkeeping UK will provide financial and bookkeeping services to businesses and companies in the United Kingdom. If you are interested in Busy Bookkeeping UK or to find out more about our […]


Scammers pretending to be from the ATO are using a new tactic. They’ll phone you about a fake tax debt and try to start a three-way call with another scammer who claims to work alongside your regular Tax Agent. Keep an ear out for suspicious phone calls and warn your friends and family to beware […]

ATO to investigate ‘systemic abuse’ of $22 billion in work expense claims

Australian tax officials are examining how to end the “systemic abuse” of work expenses, with dodgy claims made by millions of Australians robbing the budget of at least $2.5 billion a year – more than the cost of multinational tax avoidance. In a submission to a parliamentary committee examining tax issues, the Turnbull government said […]

7 mistakes people make when thinking about people and culture

A company cannot thrive without its people and culture. It is as simple as that. With technological anxieties and fears of automation, it has become unwittingly easier to lose focus on developing people and culture. If this type of thinking becomes normalised, you will lose what made your company, your business, your brand so great […]

Managing Stress!

It’s important to have conversations with your employees regularly to find out how they are. External factors may cause someone to feel stressed, such as trauma, loss of a family member or friend, financial problems, health concerns or family or friendship breakdowns. A few of the common workplace situations that may causes of stress include: […]

Why coffee is the key to great feedback

A great coffee machine can lead to a workplace where employees are energised and potential problems are flagged before they become issues – and it’s got nothing to do with caffeine. While Australian workers are some of the happiest in the world, greater employee engagement remains a challenge for HR and office managers around the […]