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Xero and MYOB have both completed their big Roadshows. War is becoming more fun and at least our Clients are benefitting. The new battleground is tax and the services being offered to you to review where your clients are. Rather than go into long stories here, Digital First has excellent write ups on what each is planning for the year ahead:…/

Some of the highlights: MYOB claims better bank feeds and is offering refunds if you discover any missing, duplicated or incorrect transactions in any of your clients’ bank feeds; a new dashboard will make it easier for bigger practices to track what needs doing for clients, and Ledger for accountants which will be upgradeable to Essential for small clients. Ledger will be free for accountants to setup for clients as part of their tax work.
Digital First concluded, “MYOB is moving a lot faster than it has in recent years… for MYOB’s most important market – medium and large accounting firms – they are still concerned about improving their efficiency and selling more services. On that front MYOB is doing more than enough to keep them happy.”

Tax is a new key driver for Xero and they have offered it for free to any accountant or bookkeeper with at least 10 Xero clients. Included will be a new improved version of My Xero which will be highly integrated with Tax. Imagine consolidated client lists and alerts where you can drill into the problem like a banking alert which will tell you when a feed has stopped in a client’s Xero file. Clicking on alert will take you directly to the feed in that client’s file so you can manually refresh it.
In addition a new BAS form with prefilled W1 and W2 will be coming shortly – you will be able to send this to clients for signing by using the integrated Adobe E-Sign (cost from $85 for 500 signatures which must be used within 1 year).
Digital First concluded, “So this is Xero’s big push for 2016. To woo you with a better tax platform that is free, claims to have better integration with client accounting files than its competitors, and is in the cloud…
MYOB’s Tech Abundance Signals A Comeback – Digital First
MYOB came out swinging at its roadshow in Melbourne last week. The company released a bunch of new technology, mostly in practice management, that puts it right back in the game. It has rethought its strategy on accounting and is building new products to match it. The message is much more nuanced th…|By Sholto Macpherson

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