Australian Business Protecting IP with China

Are you considering expanding your business to China, but confused about how to protect your intellectual property (IP) when entering Chinese markets?

To help you navigate China’s IP system, IP Australia have developed some educational resources.

IP protection in China resource suite

IP Australia’s new resources can help you find out about:

  • the Chinese trade mark system
  • what steps to take before entering the Chinese market
  • important commercial considerations
  • why the first to file rule is crucial to understand.

Visit the IP Australia website to learn more about IP protection in China.

How is the IP Counsellor supporting your business in China?

As China is our largest trading partner, the newly appointed IP Counsellor, David Bennett will be working out of the Australian Embassy in Beijing to support Australian businesses expanding into the Chinese market.

David will be assisting businesses to:

  • navigate the Chinese IP system
  • develop educational resources
  • work with the Chinese government to discuss common issues.

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