The silly season is here, which may mean you’re thinking about taking on extra staff to help you out. Here’s some handy tips if it’s the first time you’ve employed short term staff, or if you haven’t had to hire staff since last holiday period.
Do an internal audit to decide which skills you’ll need
– It’s important to make sure you’re meeting your business needs before you think about employing someone.
Here’s a few things you need to think about before hiring new staff:
– What is your projected business activity over the holiday period?
– How many additional hours will you need covered? If you’ve got current staff, find out their availability before you get hiring.
– What types of skills will you need during this period?
– Who are you looking for? – A teenager who are after their first summer job? A university student who’s looking for a paid internship? Or maybe you need someone with a certain skill set, like a Diploma or a certain level of certification?
– Thinking about what skills you’ll need will help market the position, and hire the right people.
Know your obligations as an employer
Before you employ someone, you’ll need to work out a few things, such as:
– the position you’re offering
– the entitlements and wages you’ll need to provide
– the paperwork you’ll need to do.