Cyber Security

Protect Your Valuable Website & Electronic Records with Cyber Insurance

by Conrad Gaudin, Busy Bookkeeping – Eastern Suburbs.

It is Mandatory! Since February 2017 if you spot a security breach, which may cause unauthorised access or disclosure of personal information, you’re legally required to report it to the Government and the people whose information has been affected.

Any business with a website or electronic records is vulnerable to cyber-attack. In fact, given the increasing frequency and inventiveness of cyber-attacks you are more than likely to fall victim at some stage.

Cyber Insurance – there are a lot of costs without it! Costs in repairing or restoring your IT systems, + Loss of profits following a security breach, + Fines and penalties as a result of a breach, + Notification costs to affected parties, + Credit monitoring + Litigation. Also cost from your clients take action as a result of a breach of security, privacy breach or multimedia event (defamation, libel, slander, copyright infringement etc) + repairing or restoring their IT systems.

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