If you sell products in Australia, the new country of origin labelling requirements launched on 8 February 2017 will now make it easier for you to determine the best country of origin claim for your products.

What do the changes mean for your business?

The new laws mean:

-> businesses producing goods such as medicines, food, textiles, clothing and footwear will now find the criteria for safely using ‘made in’ and ‘packed in’ claim clearer and simpler

-> food businesses will only need to consider the proportion of local and imported ingredients by ingoing weight, not value, when making origin statements

-> other businesses will no longer have to recalculate the relative shares of imported and local content to support their origin claim.

What do the changes mean for consumers?

Consumers can now be more confident that goods claimed as ‘made in Australia’ are not just imported goods that underwent a minor process in Australia to change its form or appearance.