VAT Returns

Enjoy accurate and timely submission of VAT returns. Free yourself of the worry of paying correctly and on-time. No more over-payments or penalties.

Outsource Your VAT

As with all of our services, our aim is to simplify your life by helping you with all those chores which you’d rather not be doing, allowing you to focus on what you’re best at, your business. Efficiency and value is our top priority, not only do we pride ourselves on saving you time but we aim to save you money by eliminating VAT mistakes and freeing you up to do other things.

How much we help is entirely up to you.

VAT can be a complicated and time-consuming matter to administer. While HMRC can also penalise businesses for late or inaccurate returns submission. It’s no surprise that many small businesses find the whole thing a headache.

No matter if you’re just starting out or if you’ve been operational for some time, we can review your VAT registered status to decide if you should be registered or even deregistered.

With numerous VAT schemes we can help deduce which you may be eligible for, perhaps reducing your tax liability while also reducing bookkeeping requirements.

Busy Bookkeeping can help alleviate the burden with a customised service that can include the following:

– Where VAT returns are required, we can help you establish practices to efficiently maintain income and expenditure to help in producing accurate returns.

– Run a cloud accounting file in order to make digital VAT submissions and stay compliant with HMRC’s Making-Tax-Digital scheme.

– Help ensure accurate production of returns and their timely submission.

– We can act as your businesses’ agent and submit returns on your behalf or simply provide an extra pair of eyes to review your data prior to periodic VAT return submission.