At First Class Accounts we often talk about building rapport and relationships with clients. An integral part of this is trust. Here is part of an interesting article on just that from Mentoring Works:
The attitudes and behaviours that demonstrate trust are the habits of great mentors. I use the acronym T.R.U.S.T: Together, Respect, Understanding, Success and Talk to keep them foremost in my mind.

Together – we’re in this together, we’re partners, we’re allies. We may be very different but we’ve come together with a common goal to have conversations and interactions that will create positive outcomes.

Respect – we listen to each other. We build rapport by finding what we have in common and we accept the inevitability that we are different, perhaps by gender, culture, age, experiences, beliefs or points of view. We accept that we are free to hold and share our own opinions and different perspective and we have the right to disagree.

Understanding – we slow down our thinking, reducing hasty assumptions, conclusions or judgment. Instead, we explore context and each other’s reality. We use empathy to get a sense of what it might be like for each other. We enquire, we are curious and we keep an open mind.

Success – we share positive intention. We build a constructive relationship. We have a sense that our actions have the power to produce beneficial results. We set goals and work toward positive outcomes.

Talk – our conversation is purposeful. We create a safe space where we each can be candid and open to share thoughts and feelings. We can exchange views non-defensively. We discuss issues, problems and choices and decisions, in confidence and respecting privacy. We collaborate to generate ideas, alternatives and possibilities. Communication is two-way and we give and receive honest feedback so that we learn from each other and grow.

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