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Busybooks Testimonials

Cameron Powell

2 Evolve Pty Ltd


最初,只是短期的商业咨询,然而,由于BB 簿记 的专业水平,技术能力和所提供的商业恊助,BB 簿记以被证明是我们一个宝贵的商务顾问。BB 簿记有熟悉我们 业务的员工,提供有效的建议來解决我商务 的难题. ,我和BB 簿记 因此有了持久的商务合作关系.

BB 簿记自2004年持续提供有效的建议和支持我们所有的地区(澳大利亚,新西兰和加拿大)的商务,并填补了我2个额外的专职财务人员的需求.

我极推荐, BB簿记作为您的簿记服务提供商.

Busybooks Testimonials

Antonella Sanderson

安东内拉的首席律师 / 董事认可的专家家庭法

我想借此机会向你推荐你的特别有才华的员工。拉里沙凯利从2013中旬就开始关注我们的财务记录。从那时起, 拉里沙已经发现并纠正了以前员工造成的一些错误, 主要是由于以前的提供商对我们的LEAP 系统没有透彻的了解。拉里沙展示了对LEAP的知识和经验, 以及它与MYBO融合的方式. 拉里沙的知识真正超越我们的期望—可称她 “精通” 并没有过份。我会毫不犹豫地向任何需要援助的同事推荐拉里沙, 因为我已经做了很多次推荐了

Busybooks Testimonials

Terri Bell

特丽贝尔公司 | 律师 (incorporation ward 法律)

在过去的14月里, 我一直与BB簿记合作工作。他们在工作中是高效和彻底的。他们对我们所使用的LEAP法律会计系统及制度有很大的了解和认识, 并对我的法律业务提供了全面的服务。BB簿记精通于使用和理解MYBO和 LEAP 融合的方式。BB簿记对我的业务亲力亲为, 提供关于在哪里可以改善业务的建议, 帮助公司融入我的业务, 对他们来说是没有什么问题。我极力推荐繁BB簿记作为一个专业帐户和簿记服务提供商

Busybooks Testimonials

Victor R Manauzzi

维克托 R Manauzzi 白金合伙人

Busy Bookkeeping 簿记是一个愉快的工作伙伴。我们与BB簿记合作过许多客户, 我们一直认为他们的能力, 值得信赖和可靠。他们及时地向我们提供高质量和全面的信息。我已经推荐我的许多客户于BB簿记, 我很高兴继续这样做

Busybooks Testimonials

Jakob de Zwart

Managing Director, Gooee Pty Ltd (New Media)

Maria & her team have turned our business around! Since the very first meeting with Maria in 2003, everything was put in order quickly & efficiently. Maria has provided invaluable advice and helped structure our practice and provide the services to keep us in good stead for the future. We don’t have to worry about our bookkeeping or accounting anymore, we have Maria & her friendly Busy Books team behind us.

Busybooks Testimonials

Sue Parbury

Sue Parbury Consulting Pty Ltd

As a small business, I have had Busy Bookkeeping do my quarterly GST and final accounts preparation for at least 4 years. I cannot recommend them highly enough. They take a personal interest to point out added actions that will help me save money, make money or increase efficiency. It is totally comforting knowing my satisfaction is as important to them as it is to me.

Busybooks Testimonials

A. Buchner

Ann Buchner Media Productions

Larisa, thank you! I am so grateful that I have you and Busy Bookkeeping looking after me – I wouldn’t be able to manage all this detail on my own. I appreciate your efforts Larisa – you do a great job.

Busybooks Testimonials

J. Potter

Collis Consulting Pty Ltd

I’m a sole trader and like doing my own books however I needed some help to get me started and to ensure I was doing things right. Maria set me up with the software, saw that I had the correct chart of accounts, and is there when I need help and to do my end of year work ready for my accountant. She and her staff are wonderful. Nothing’s ever a bother, and I don’t feel I’m not important just because I’m not a big client. I’m delighted to be able to recommend Busy Bookkeeping Eastern Suburbs.